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Basketball Court Material

basketball court material You are now glance over a manufacturer nearly 13 years experience in offer synthetic acrylic sports surface material for basketball court flooring in Guangzhou . Our offer is not only limited to high-quality products,but also includes entire system solutions,installed...

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basketball court material

You are now glance over a manufacturer nearly 13 years experience in offer synthetic acrylic sports surface material for basketball court flooring in Guangzhou.

Our offer is not only limited to high-quality products,but also includes entire system solutions,installed by skysport licensing partnes who based on a sport flooring record of over 20 million s.q/meter of successfully installed synthetic acrylic sports surface material for basketball court flooring with cheap cost.

Product Description of basketball court material:

- Water based synthetic acrylic sports court surface material for basketball court flooring with cheap cost

- Eco friendly with no solvent.

- Total system thickness approx 3-7mm- Certified in accordance with ITF(international standard)

- Water-impermeable.

- Scraping coating and self-levlling

- Hard-wearing,long-lasting

- Roll paint coat for anti-slip properties

- Can handle constant toughest stresses by spikes

- Dynamically sprung

- Excellent appearance

- Avaliable in many colours

- Lifespan 7-11 years.

- Suitable for all weather condition

- Synthetic acrylic basketball court flooring main devide to 3 systems(see below photo for details)



Base Coat

wear coat

silicon sand

top coat

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FAQ of basketball court material:

Why we make choice to buy synthetic SPU basketball court sports surface material flooring from your factory?

Because our basketball court sports flooring surfaces offer numerous advantages:

- High UV weather resistance

- Eco - friendly and good quality

- Maximum abrasion resistance and permanent elasticity

- High degree of adjustable area elasticity and point elasticity

- Spike resistance even under constant load

- Long life,permanent bond with case

- Entire installation form one single parnter,from the earthworks to the construction of the subbase and finally the synthetic coat

- Dedicated teams using state-of-the -art construction techniques install the right system professionally and on time

- We cover the intire range of installation requirements,from all-weather surfaces for school synthetic SPU sports court surface material for basketball court flooring to high-performance surfaces for competitions and tournaments-cost-effectively,efficiently and quickly.

- Hgh - grip or nonslip can be adjusted to be water-permeable or water- impermeable.consistent sports conditions,even under extreme temperature and weather conditions.the surfae and usable within minutes after rain shower.

- Numerous design options, using contrasting colors in selected areas without need for joints.

skysport Company Information

Skysport are professional sports surfaces manufacturer for high-performance badminton cushioned acrylic surface materials since 2004 years.

Skysport production base cover 30000sq.m located on Guangzhou. Our factory equipped with advanced high-tech, automatic, large-scale production line(Annual production capacity can reach to 60000 Tons).

Skysport not only has R&D department, but also has our own laboratory. All of basketball court paint must being checked and meer our quality requirement before shipment.

We have Awarded CE ROHS Test certificate.

National High-tech Enterprises.

Credit Well-kept Enterprises.

Being listed in the Government Procurement List.

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exhibition information

Our company often takes part in large and small domestic sporting goods fair, and we hope to have the opportunity to see you.

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