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Silicon PU Basketball Court Paint

Silicon PU line drawing paint basketball court floor paint 1. Eco-friendly basketball court floor paint 2. Multi-layer system 3. Flexible,cushion, shock absorb 4. Anti-slip, odourless Silicone PU is a new generation of court floor material, efficiently slove problems which PU can not fullfill....

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Silicon PU line drawing paint

basketball court floor paint

1. Eco-friendly basketball court floor paint

2. Multi-layer system

3. Flexible,cushion, shock absorb

4. Anti-slip, odourless

Silicone PU is a new generation of court floor material, efficiently slove problems which PU can not fullfill.

Compare to PU, silicone PU have a longer lifetime, easy to maintenance.

Product Description of silicon pu basketball court paint:




Green, Blue,red or others

Shore A


Rebound value%


Stretch value%


Ball rebound value%


Shock Absorbance%


Vertical deformation(mm)


Cd. mg/kg


Pb ,mg/kg


Cr, mg/kg


Hg, mg/kg


Advantage of silicon pu basketball court paint:

1. Suitable for all weathers, has good elasticity and resilience. So it can reduce the consumption of physical force and improve game results.

2. Not faded, dusted or softened by ultraviolet ray, ozone or acid rain. It can keep it’s bright color for a long period.

3. Easy to install

4. Maintain high quality in any season or under any temperature, it has a longer service time and higher field utilization rate than PU.

5. Strong wear resistance and pressure resistance. It can meet the needs of various schools or stadium, even in long-time and frequent use.

6. The elastic layer and buffer layer can absorb;strong impacts without any surface damage.

7. Absorb the impact forces to feet, reduce sports injury. Suit for long-term exercises and games.

The special coating for the stadium is made of 100% advanced acrylic material, non-toxic and non asbestos. It is an environment-friendly surface material.

Acrylic paint for self-cleaning products, maintenance convenience, high pressure water can be washed.

The hardness of the hard ground acrylic layer is higher than that of the elastic surface, because of its thickness.

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skysport Company Information

Skysport are professional sports surfaces manufacturer for high-performance tennis Silicon PU court surface materials since 2004 years.

Skysport production base cover 30000sq.m located on Guangzhou. Our factory equipped with advanced high-tech, automatic, large-scale production line(Annual production capacity can reach to 60000 Tons).

Skysport not only has R&D department, but also has our own laboratory. All of basketball court paint must being checked and meer our quality requirement before shipment.

We have Awarded CE ROHS Test certificate.

National High-tech Enterprises.

Credit Well-kept Enterprises.

Being listed in the Government Procurement List.

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exhibition information

Our company often takes part in large and small domestic sporting goods fair, and we hope to have the opportunity to see you.

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